Building and Communication

  1. OpenStreetMap: Crowd-sourced data for the whole world consisting of points of interest, buildings, roads and road names, ferry routes etc.
  2. OSM Metro Extracts: City-sized extracts of the OpenStreetMap dataset.
  3. Open Flights: Airport, airline and route data across the globe. Data is provided as CSV files. It includes all known airports, and a large number of routes between airports.
  4. World Port Index: Dataset from the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency listing approximately 3700 ports across the world, with location and facilities offered.
  5. Global Roads Open Access Data Set: A vector dataset of roads across the world, suitable for mapping at the 1:250,000 level and the dataset is accurate to approximately 50m. 
  6. JRC Travel Time to Major Cities: Travel time to the nearest major city (> 50,000 people) across the whole world, at approximately 1km resolution.