About Us

Hello, Developers! 
We know how hectic and chaotic a simple work turns out when you have to open up a dozen of tabs and assemble data from various sites. Been there, done that! But what we never had, we are providing you! Forthcoming with the idea of Data Camp. 

What is Data Camp? 
Ceasing more strain to your eyes, cutting the long story short : Data camp will be a place for people who are working with data from many different sectors to come together and share their projects and ideas.

Furthermore it will provide the platform for Indians to work out what are the problems around getting data and using it to further their projects and enhance the impact they want to make.

Sounds promising, right? 

What benefits do we get?

Accumulated data without opening dozens of tabs.  

I have done some research and I want it to make it accessible to people. How do I do that?

Submit your data on the given details, reach out to us. We will assemble the data and update it in our website

I have done a survey I need guidance in analyzing the work. Where to seek help?

You’re finally knocking the right door. We provide similar services like upgrade the data on our website at a minimal charge.

Who all will use the data I provide?

Data is not just for technologists and researchers – journalists, government workers, designers, and NGOs all use or want data in some way shape or form and in India the challenges around getting data and using it are unique and require a dedicated platform to work out solutions.

What else should I know about Data Camp?

 Data Camp includes looking at how to make data open so that it’s potential to create more accountability and transparency to improve policies and implementation of projects across industry, citizen sector organizations, and governance.

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M.Tech Geomatics
Dhruvi Bhavsar
M.Tech Geomatics
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M.Tech Geomatics
Megh Shah
M.Tech Geomatics
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