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GIS Crossword

Welcome to the main event of DAY-5 of the Virtual GIS Week Celebration 2021.

Crossword puzzles are one of the world’s oldest games. One of the main reasons that they are still liked by many people is that they allow for a good amount of free thought time, which is something that many people enjoy. Can you do well at a GIS-based crossword puzzle? Think again! Take our classic crossword puzzle exclusively from the GIS context and test your knowledge.

Rules and Instructions:

  • There are 15 questions in this crossword puzzle that are related to the GIS world.
  • The time limit is of 15 minutes.
  • Once you are done with the crossword, take a screenshot of the crossword you have filled along with your scorecard, and click on the upload button below the crossword.
  • One failing to do so will not be eligible for the certificate.

Happy Learning! All the best!


Upload Your Crossword Screenshot Here

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  1. Emmanuel Sumbwi

    Interesting and challenging.

  2. Mohamed KONE

    I find this pratice very interested

    1. Bharat

      Indeed, but I couldn’t figure 5Down still wondering what is it!

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