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This or That (Which Tool Would You Use?)

It is very important to correctly identify the error and use a proper GIS tool/technique to conduct appropriate analysis and get the required inferences. Some tools and techniques might look similar but have certain differences that set them apart in terms of the output that they provide.

Rules and Instructions:

1. This event focuses on a few such cases.
2. The questions below have some illustrations that depict certain scenarios which may feel similar.
3. Observe the illustrations carefully and identify the correct approach.
4. You have 5 minutes to choose the appropriate answer.


Happy learning !!!!

Welcome to your This or That

Which of the following illustration justifies the parameters stated below

Intersects = true , contains false

Which geoprocessing tool is used to generate the output given above?

Add description here!

Which analysis technique is used in the above map ?

What kind of topology is shown in the above illustration?

Which illustration justifies the topology “Must not have dangles” ?

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