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GIS Trivia

Welcome to the main event of DAY-2 of the Virtual GIS Week Celebration 2021.

GIS Trivia is an amusing game, that challenges your general knowledge while creating an engaging atmosphere. It’s all about guessing the answers from the given hints and also learn lots of random things if you get questions wrong. (If you get everything right, then kudos, you are a true genius!) We dare you to score as high as you can, and you got no bigger opportunity to test your basics.

Rules and Instructions:

  • GIS Trivia consists of 10 questions for you to answer and have some fun exploring your GIS knowledge.
  • Each question carries 2 points (marks).
  • The time limit for completing your Trivia is 15 minutes.
  • You can use the hints provided beneath each question if required (No points will be deducted for using the hints provided).
  • All the questions are mandatory to answer.
  • You can attempt this trivia only once.

Happy Learning! All the best !!!

Welcome to  GIS Trivia

The first application of GIS was used to visualize a _______

_________ can be shown as imaginary lines running around the earth.

Uniform cell size organized into row and column is a description of ________.

The process of changing an image from a vector format to a pixel-based format is known as _________.

_________ represent the shape and location of geographic objects such as contour lines, street centerlines, etc

_______ shows orientation of slope, and by their thickness and overall density they provide a general sense of steepness.

Dr. Roger F. Tomlinson who first coined the term geographic information system was recognized and given the title of ______.

The best practice approach for storing the data when GIS dataset for a specified project is frequently amended, accessed and manipulated by numerous users is _______.

________ typically analyses the distance, directions, and costs of an object travelling along the edges of the path.

_______ is a hypothetical surface representing the form the oceans of the earth would take if there were no land and the water was free to respond to the earth’s gravitational and centrifugal forces.

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