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Terminologies in Night Light Remote Sensing (NLRS)

Night-time Light Remote Sensing (NLRS) means acquiring visible light at night of land/water in cloudless conditions. Terminologies are the technical/special terms used in the field of study. Terminologies plays an important role in understanding the concepts of Night Light Remote Sensing.

It’s time to boost your knowledge and explore this domain of remote sensing of nights which is Night Light Remote Sensing.

So, are you ready to tease your instincts and put your mind at work? Enter this quiz to find out! We have created several questions for you to answer and have some fun exploring this new topic.

Rules and Instructions:

This quiz consists of 10 questions and each question in the quiz is of multiple-choice format of one mark each.

  • Read each question carefully and click on the button next to your response to give the answer.
  • The total score for the quiz is based on your responses to all the questions.
  • All the questions are mandatory.
  • Time limit for the quiz is of 10 minutes.
  • Click on the submit button to end your quiz.

All the best!

Welcome to your Terminologies in Night Light Remote Sensing quiz

_______ is an adjustment or set of adjustments performed on a sensor or instrument to make that instrument function as accurately, or error free, as possible.

Ability to discriminate very slight differences in energy/ different grey-scale values is known as ______.

Satellite sensors store information about objects as grid, also known as ____.

A series of regular spaced tones ranging from black to white is known as ______.

The area imaged on the surface by the satellite is referred to as the _____.

The range of wavelengths at which a sensor is sensitive is called as its _______.

_______ is referred to as the brightness values.

_______ is a black and white band that contains couple of hundred nanometer bandwidth.

In an optical imaging system, _______ is caused by light from a bright source shining into the front of the system and reaching the image as unwanted light.

An absolute measure of radiated electromagnetic power/light, the radiant power emitted by a light-emitting object is known as _______.

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