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Identify the cities from their Night View

Something is fascinating about visualizing our world from the top when the sun goes down! In the daytime, our big blue marble is land, oceans, and clouds. But the night is electrified. Seeing from space, our planet comes alive with the lights scattered across the planet. When viewed from the space, the diversity of how humans scatter their lights throughout the nightscape is astonishing. Our Earth looks beautiful because of the diversified lights from various sources. City lights reflect the space observer spectacular evidence of human existence on the earth.

Astronauts circling the Earth have the unique opportunity to see the earth at night from hundreds of kilometers above the surface, allowing them to see the entire region at once. Astronauts have taken incredibly detailed photographs of our cities at night and share them with the rest of us, thanks to onboard cameras and some processing.

Instructions & Rules:

  • So basically, the challenge is to identify all the 5 cities one by one from their night view.
  • Choose the most appropriate answer from the provided options.
  • 2 points will be rewarded for each correct answer.
  • No points will be rewarded in case the answer is wrong.
  • Use the hint provided to identify the city from the image itself.
  • The time limit for the quiz is of 10 minutes.
  • Click on the submit button to end your quiz.

All the best!


Welcome to your Identify the cities from their Night View quiz

Can you identify the above shown Indian city by its lights alone?

Can you recognize the above shown city of lights from its night view?

Can you identify this place from its beautiful lights?

Can you name this city from its nighttime satellite image?

Can you recognize this city located in the United States from its aerial view at night?

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