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Welcome to the main event of day 4!

Have you played a clue hunt game before? You might have played. But have you played clue hunt in the context of GIS? Join us for extreme fun.

Rules and Instructions:
1. There are total 5 clues in the game. Every clue has to be solved from 1 to 5. The answer to 1st clue will help you is the password to the next. All clues will be a PDF file except the 1st clue and the answer to the previous question will be the password of the next clue. For eg. The answer to clue number 1 will enable you to open clue number 2.

2. The goal is to find the final answer to the 5th clue.

3. You will need to install two apps, Google lens or QR code scanner to help you solve the clues.
For Android:

For iOS:

IOS people, this link is for the Google app, the google app has google lens inbuilt

4. To get the answer we have provided the QR code on our website at the page which is related to the answer.

5. You can use Google to help you in solving the clues.

6. All the passwords are to be typed in lower case letters.(as given in the QR code)

7. Also give your answers in this form to get the score.

8. Each clue carries 2 points.

9. You might need 2 devices to play this game. (Laptop and phone)

Time limit is 15 min.

Website Link:

All the Best!

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Helping steps for solving the Clue hunt event

1) There are 5 clues for which you need to identify the answers based on the hints given.

2) The first clue is given in the google form itself ( and hint is provided for the same. You need to reverse the letters in each word, and you will get your answer for this clue. Right that answer in the google form beneath the Clue-1.

3) The clue-2 can be found out from the home page where a button named clue-2 is there. You need to download that clue-2 pdf and open it up. It is password protected. The password for it is the answer you got from the first clue. (answer to be typed in small case)

4) Likewise, there are hints given for finding the pdf of clues on our website and there are hints provided in that pdfs for finding its answers.

5) All the clues are in the form of button, scattered everywhere on our website ( You need to click on that button for downloading the pdf. The answer of 1st clue will be the password for the 2nd clue pdf.

6) The answers of the clues are scattered everywhere in the form of QR Code. You need to scan those codes for finding your answers. All those QR Codes are there on different pages of our website. The hints for finding the right QR Code are also given in those pdfs of clues.

7) The game is quite simple. You need to find the clue buttons, download the pdf from it, enter the password, solve the question, identify the answer from the hints given, search for correct QR code, Scan it and that is the password for the next pdf.

So, go start hunting for the clues from the hints in our website.

Note: It is mandatory to participate in every main event to get certificate.


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  1. Chhaya

    I m not getting 4th one

  2. Neeso

    Any help about the first clue?

  3. Rukayat Temilade

    Please I don’t get how to download the remaining pdf aside for the clue 2

  4. Anita Kumari Pradhan

    Very enjoyfull.. Finally I solved it.


    OMG! I did the job. Solved it. Great experience.

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