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GIS Dictionary Application

Learning is fundamental to our reality. Like Proper Diet enhances our bodies, information and perpetual learning supports our mind to grow. Today, continuous learning structures an essential part in gaining critical thinking skills and finding better approaches for identifying problems and solution to it. we often come across unknown terminologies while reading things and many of us do want to come across many more of them to build more intricate understanding in the subject.

Almost every student has gone through this experience before at least once, So as a GIS enthusiast we are here with an app “GIS Dictionary” basically It is an offline search engine platform that consists of terminologies about GIS and remote sensing. So, one can search and explore different terms in GIS and remote sensing context hoping this could aid in the learning process. The application won’t require any installation as it can be directly launched from the exe file, as simple as that!



                                                                                                        Credits: Temitope Balogun

The application is in continuous phase of development, so expect some new features and improvised database in the new updates.

To download the application click : HERE

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