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Basics of GIS Quiz

What is GIS?

GIS stands for “Geographic Information System”. It is a set of computer tools that allows to work with data that are tied to a particular location on the earth. GIS is more than just a mapping system because it does spatial analysis, network analysis, geocoding, georeferencing and many more such things.

A GIS is a database system that uses both spatial and attribute data to answer questions about where things are and how they are related. It has many functions, including creating data, making maps, analyzing relationships, etc.

What can GIS do?

GIS works with different applications such as:

  • Land Use Planning
  • Environmental Management
  • Sociological Analysis
  • Business Marketing
  • Weather Prediction
  • City Planning
  • Waste Water Management
  • Urban Planning
  • Navigation Tools and the list continues….

So, are you ready to put your GIS knowledge to the test? Enter this quiz to find out! We have created several questions for you to answer and have some fun exploring your GIS knowledge. Our moto is to share knowledge along with some fun. All the best! Happy Learning!


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