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According to H.A. Marmer, “Oceanography is the science of the sea, which primarily includes the study of form and nature of oceans basins, the characteristics of the water in these basins and the movement to which these waters are subject to”. It is the study of the physical, chemical, geological and biological features of the ocean, including the ancient history of oceans, its current condition, and its future.

An oceanographer is a person who studies various matters and fields concerned with oceans including marine geology, physics, chemistry and biology.

Remote sensing has a wide array of applications in the field of coastal engineering which ranges from the estimation of sea surface temperature to potential fishing zones, sea level monitoring and bathymetry.

Oceans plays a crucial role in climate of Earth and is utmost necessary to sustain life on our planet. Over 70 percent of Earth’s surface is covered by oceans and thus study related to physical, chemical and biological features of oceans becomes essential.


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